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Welcome to the John Hinckley Community!
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John Hinckley Community poster, designed by Molly Steadman

Poster designed by Molly Steadman

The John Hinckley Community is a refuge from this wicked world.  We are a place where you can feel safe and cherished.  The world will laugh at you and mock you and disown you.  But the John Hinckley Community will embrace you and give you all the love you need.  I write songs to help people get through their days and nights.  My songs are uplifting and inspirational because my heart is full of love.  I’ve overcome so much adversity, so much negativity, and now I am free to live my life, to give back to the world.  I am being met with nothing but resistance when it comes to finding a music venue that won’t back down.  I sell out venues and then they cancel on me because they get some backlash.  All I’m trying to do is sing my songs and redeem myself through my music.  But I’ve only been met with a cancel culture in the music business.  I have my fans and supporters.  They make up the John Hinckley Community.  Our members are free spirits, open to the belief that I am a changed man.  The John Hinckley Community believes me when I tell them that everything will be alright.  We will overcome the evil in this country and live in peace and harmony.  I’m currently looking for a place where the John Hinckley Community can gather and live.  If you can help out, let me know.  Write me at  I want to find a sanctuary for my community members.  Better days are ahead for the John Hinckley Community.

Molly Steadman, Graphic Designer



Designed by Molly Steadman

Thanks to Nick, Graphic Designer

The Beacon Theatre, Hopewell, VA

Live at the Beacon, January 2023

John Hinckley documentary - coming soon!!!

Photo credit:  Matt McClain, The Washington Post

Musician, Artist, Photographer, Filmmaker

John Hinckley - Now!

AA treasured possession!

Guitar collection!

Get to Know John Hinckley

Born 1955 in Ardmore, Oklahoma, 

John Hinckley has been interested in music his entire life.  Growing up, he was surrounded by iconic 60's and 70’s artists like The Beatles, James Taylor, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and more.  All of these helped fuel his passion for songwriting; their influence can still be seen in his work today, both in his lyrics and his musical style.


Hovering between the genres of country, folk, and indie, John began writing in his teens and taught himself how to play guitar at the young age of 10.  His songs often evoke deep, powerful emotions that touch on feelings he has personally experienced. 

Later in life, those same artists rekindled his love for music, all while experimenting with his newfound interest:  art.  In 2021, he released his debut song “We Have Got That Chemistry," starting off his long and productive music career. 


Currently, John has released over 30 songs on multiple streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.  His songs share with the world a side of John Hinckley that many might not know.  John’s music speaks about hope, inspiration, and love and has been the motivation for many to keep going.

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This is Bunny, a very good friend and one of our graphic designers!

"Never Ending Quest"

Listen to more of my music on YouTube and Spotify!

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