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I saw The Rolling Stones in their prime-1972 when they were on tour promoting Exile on Main Street.

Jul 14 I saw The Who in their prime-1971 when they were on tour promoting Who’s Next. I would love to meet Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson among others. I saw Brian Wilson in concert a few years ago when they did the Pet Sounds tour. Great concert. I would say Bob Dylan and Hank Williams Sr. are my 2 biggest influences when it comes to songwriting. Of course the Beatles influenced me greatly. I’m a first generation Beatles fan. The release of each new Beatles was such a big event. Meet the Beatles was the first album I bought, at 8 years of age.I got my first guitar when I was ten. I try to find music I like these days, but I don’t like the music out there now. I’m trying to bring back folk music.

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