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I’ve done some interviews, some good, some not so good.

Jul 13

The ABC producer promised me that they would include me singing 2 of my songs in their segment. They taped me playing guitar and singing 2 songs. The segment aired on ABC Nightline and there was not one second of my music. You really can’t trust the media, and that’s why turn down almost all of the interview requests. It feels so good to have full freedom after 41 years. I can finally exhale and enjoy my life without having to be so guarded about everything. I’m still looking for a music venue that won’t back out when they get public backlash. Promoters are like TV producers; they promise a lot but don’t deliver. I’ve got a new song I will be posting to the streaming sites soon. I’d love to get into a proper studio with a backing band. I found a great guitarist but still looking for a drummer who lives in this area. I also got a bass player lined up. I’ve been selling some paintings on eBay. They sell in about 2 minutes. eBay takes out a chunk of money in fees. That’s why I will soon be selling my paintings on my website.

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