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Our graphic designer, Molly Steadman, has come up with some terrific designs for the JHC!

Sept 3

Her latest design was so popular that people were stealing her design and putting it on T-shirts to sell. That's called intellectual property violation, and it is illegal. Hopefully, we put a stop to that! We will be selling merch, including T-shirts, flags, posters, and stickers, very soon. Our website is looking really cool thanks to our site administrator. I want to have a gathering of JHC members in January. A documentary film crew will be in town during that time, doing a documentary about me, and I want the gathering of the John Hinckley Community to be part of the documentary. I will announce specifics about the gathering in the near future. My lead guitarist, Ben, and I get together about once a week to rehearse my songs. We also do some covers. At the JHC gathering in January, I will be performing. I’ve done interviews with Swiss TV and a Denver TV station. I sang 2 of my songs on the Swiss TV interview. They should be airing soon. I’m working on a platform/philosophy for the JHC. It will be on the website.

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